iOS 16.2: a new option to deactivate the image on the always-on screen of iPhone 14 Pro

The third beta iOS 16.2 released tonight contains an additional tweak to better manage the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. It allows you to completely disable the display of the image in the background, as well as notifications.

Currently, when it goes to sleep, the screen on Pro models dims the wallpaper but leaves it visible. With this new option, the image disappears completely while leaving the clock and the widgets visible. Previously, it was simply possible to disable completely the entire lock screen, which was the only customization option by the way. With iOS 16.2, there will therefore be an intermediate possibility.

With the option that disables the wallpaper, the display of the iPhone in standby approaches that of an Android smartphone.

iPhone 14 Pro users may have been disturbed by the persistence of the wallpaper on the screen saver. Even darkened, it gives the impression that the smartphone is awake (it is true that the screen is very bright).

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