Iota: the thirtieth storm of the season



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Friday, November 13, 2020 at 3:38 PM – Tropical activity in the Atlantic continues to break records with Storm Iota. According to current forecasts, it could quickly become a major hurricane before it makes landfall.


Some Central American countries, notably Nicaragua and Honduras, were devastated by Hurricane Eta which hit the coast with Category 4 force winds. Despite Eta weakening on landfall, the storm did branched off to get back to the Caribbean Sea. Subsequently, it continued on its way up towards Cuba and Florida, regained its intensity to become a category 1 hurricane again and ended its course in the Carolinas. In its wake, Eta sowed devastation, but also hundreds of deaths.


While Nicaragua and Honduras haven’t even recovered from Hurricane Eta, another storm threatens to strike: Iota. Although it is still a tropical depression, it is expected to intensify shortly to become the thirtieth tropical storm of the 2020 season.


The year 2020 was marked by a record for the number of named storms with 30. The low pressure area is currently 500 kilometers from Kingston, Jamaica. Its winds blow at about 55 km / h and it travels at a speed of 11 km / h.


By Monday, Iota is expected to transition from tropical storm to Category 2 hurricane before making landfall. Authorities in Honduras and Nicaragua are closely monitoring the trajectory of Iota, which has the potential to discharge impressive amounts of water. According to the National Hurricane Center, this system could produce up to 700mm of rain.

IOTA2 (1)

According to current models, the storm is expected to make landfall by Wednesday. Flooding, landslides and a devastating storm surge are to be expected. Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize are at risk.


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