Iphone 11: Pablo Escobar’s brother sued Apple for an Iphone 11 | Outside of Soccer

Roberto Escobar, known as ‘El Osito’, is the brother of the infamous Pablo Escobar, a drug trafficker and assassin who marked Colombia’s history badly.

But his name is not news because of the deceased, but because he seems to have declared war on the computer giant Apple, a company that he sued for a whopping $ 2.6 billion.

According to the lawsuit, confirmed by the TMZ portal, ‘El Osito’ bought an iPhone X in April 2018 because the seller guaranteed it was the safest on the market. However, a year later he received a letter from a person identified as Diego, who had found his address through Facetime, and threatened him with death.

Escobar says that this situation forced him to change houses, strengthen his security as never before and incur in the process in large expenses, which are not comparable to the deep “emotional anguish” caused by the vulnerability to which his mobile phone exposed him. .

It is worth mentioning that the brother of the drug trafficker founded the Escobar Inc. company that sells products such as the “Escobar Gold 11 Pro”, an identical copy of the Apple team but with triple gold plating and at a much more affordable price than the market: 499 Dollars. It is, he said, his way of waging an open war against the tech giant, which he accuses of taking advantage of customers.


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