iPhone 12: photo modules lead the flamboyant output!

Already handicapped in its production ofiPhone 12 Due to the global pandemic, Apple would today find itself facing a thorny problem with the photo sensors of the 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch models of its next smartphone.

Ming-Chi Kuo reveals in a new analysis note that Genius Electronic Optical, Apple’s supplier for the photo modules of the iPhone 12 concerned, has identified a big problem with the heating on the wide-angle sensor.

A coating that peels off in the heat

A few weeks before the supposed presentation of the new iPhones, this is messy. Genius Electronic Optical, which is therefore responsible for equipping the iPhone 12 with 6.1 and 5.4 inches in photo modules, has just noticed that the wide-angle sensor does not support high temperatures and excessive humidity. The coating that protects the sensors flakes off and even cracks during quality checks carried out by the company.

Pending a solution, Genius Electronic Optical is therefore unable to provide Apple with the components it expects. The production chain is therefore slowed down, but not stopped for all that.

Indeed Apple does not put all its eggs in the same basket, and can count on Largan, its other supplier who, for his part, has no problem with its sensors.

Deadlines should be respected

In doing so, Apple’s schedule should be respected. But let’s not forget that the Cupertino company has already announced that the line up iPhone 12 will be launched ” a few weeks later than usual“. Info in the air for several months, confirmed in particular by Qualcomm a few weeks ago.

Also in light of these iPhone 12 camera concerns, the rumor of a two-stage launch is becoming more and more credible. According to Kuo, “Apple will prioritize the purchase of 1 / 2.6 sensors«Largan’s entry-level 7P, at least in the initial phase of supply, to ensure the two aluminum iPhone 12s can be launched on time ».

From what we know, the “iPhone 12 aluminumWould correspond to the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch models – the “non-Pro” versions. The iPhone 12 Pro, presumably with a stainless steel chassis, could therefore see their release delayed.

source: https: //www.clubic.com/pro/entreprises/apple/actualite-8511-iphone-12-les-modules-photo-echouent-au-controle-qualite-un-retard-de-sortie-a- predict-.html

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