iPhone 12 problematic for pacemakers?

Medical professionals have studied the impact of MagSafe technology in the iPhone 12 on pacemakers. In contrast to previous models, the iPhone 12 is said to have an impact on the implant.

Cardiac pacemakers or cardioverter defibrillators (ICD), which are implanted in a tachycardia, can be massively disrupted by the iPhone 12. A study recently published by the Heart Rhythm Journal provides evidence for this. The reason for this is MagSafe, which consists of a ring of 18 magnets.

The MagSafe feature in the iPhone 12 ensures that Apple accessories can be attached magnetically to the back. It also enables inductive, i.e. wireless, charging.

According to the study, this feature is supposed to ensure that pacemakers or ICDs interfere and lead to dropouts. According to this, an iPhone 12 should interfere with the pulse generator if it is placed too close to the patient’s heart. After the study was published, Apple itself added a note to its user manual. However, it says that there is no higher risk compared to older models.

In fact, several studies have been carried out on other Apple smartphones. Including from the Berlin Charité. The effect of the iPhone 6 (2015) and the Apple Watch on implants from 148 patients was examined. The devices were placed directly on the chest. A total of 1352 tests were carried out – in standby, during active calls and when establishing a connection. The doctors came to the conclusion: “The risk of electromagnetic interference from the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch with implantable electronic devices is low”.

At the same time, however, it meant that wearers of implanted pacemakers should keep a minimum distance of ten centimeters from inductive charging stations. And the doctors also recommend a distance of 25 centimeters between the implant and the induction stove.


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