iPhone 13 does not allow third parties to replace the screen “forced removal” will result in the loss of Face ID

According to MacRumors, a YouTuber claimed that users will not be able to replace the iPhone 13 screen at a third-party repair shop, otherwise the Face ID face unlock function will be lost.

The repairer of the mobile phone said in a new video that when the user replaces the microphone, ambient light sensor, and distance sensor of the iPhone 13, everything works normally. But when the user replaces the iPhone13 screen with a new screen, the system will prompt that the screen is not original and it has lost support for Face ID.

Unable to verify whether this iPhone has a genuine Apple display.

Mobile phone repairers said that there are some solutions, such as transferring some chips to the new screen, but most repair shops will not do this because it is “too complicated.”

IT House learned thatAppleAlready facing a lot of disputes in the repair rights law, the new iPhone 13 is more difficult to repair in a third-party repair shop.

(Article Source: IT House)


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