iPhone 13 Face ID Not Working After Replacing the Device Screen

is an advantage Face ID One of the most prominent features device iPhone 13 Which recently revealed, Where when this feature is activated it allows Unlock iPhone 13 When the phone is clearly displayed on the owner’s face, So it is one of the many options available to unlock the phone, and in a circulating video, it indicates that Feature Face ID It will not work if the original screen of the device is replaced, as The video showed that after removing the screen iPhone 13 Replacing it with another screen of the same model Face recognition did not work when doing this.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Face ID Not Working After Replacing the Device Screen
iPhone 13 Face ID Not Working After Replacing the Device Screen

Feature Face ID

The video revealed that the decoder established a correct connection by reconnecting the original screen, which also allowed the feature Face ID work again, which seems to confirm that Face ID On iPhone 13 It will stop working if the screen is swapped with a screen Other original iPhone 13.

There may be some protocols needed to make a feature Face ID Effective on the new screen replaced, it is also possible that this procedure can only be successfully performed by repair shops Apple Approved, it is known that Apple used Independent repair program for licensing affiliate stores that qualifies them to provide required repair services.

And of course it will continue Apple The company has received some criticism for its measures in place to prevent third-party repairs to its products, and there are claims from the company to notify users that the screen, camera, or other major feature is not genuine when these components are replaced with non-company ports.

and reinforced Apple It is difficult to obtain alternative components outside of their authorized outlets to work on iPhone 13, Apple indicated that The main component of the feature Face ID System TrueDepth Fully available inside iPhone And not with the screen itself.

actually owns Apple Standalone hardware repair software iPhone However, the reach of this program is still very limited, even with the company’s rapid expansion efforts, and it has also been noted that certified outlets can offer much higher prices for repairs than independent and sometimes small repair outlets.

It is unclear whether the problem that prevents the work of the feature Face ID When replacing the screen, is it a mistake or intentional, and I had to Apple company Provide a quick device update iPhone 13 Regarding the recently discovered defect Apple Music.

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