IPhone 13 officially launched in Huaqiangbei, there is a spot top with a price increase of 3000 mini but it broke

September 24,AppleiPhone13 series mobile phones are officially on sale, although Beijing, Nanjing and other placesAppleLong queues at the entrance of the store reappeared in previous years. However, a reporter from Securities Times and e Company actually explored the “China Electronics First Street” Huaqiangbei and found that compared with the iPhone12 series, the iPhone13 series is relatively abundant, except for the 1T version of the iPhone13 Pro and iPhone13. In addition to the relatively tight supply of Pro Max, other versions are almost in stock at all sales stores. However, according to the general market quotation on the first day of sale, the iPhone13 series needs to be increased by a few hundred to 900 yuan, and the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone13 Pro Max need to be increased. From 1000 yuan to 2200 yuan, you can get the spot if you increase the price.

  In some areasAppleSpecialty store reappears a long line

On September 15, Beijing time, Apple released the latest iPhone 13 series of new phones. Compared with the previous generation iPhone 12, the initial capacity of the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 doubled to 128GB, but the price has dropped. Specifically, this year’s iPhone 13 mini 128GB is priced at 5,199 yuan, while last year’s 128GB version of the iPhone 12 mini was priced at 5,999 yuan, a price cut of 800 yuan. The iPhone 13 128GB is priced at 5,999 yuan. Last year, the iPhone 12 128GB was sold at 6,799 yuan, which also cut the price by 800 yuan.


Compared with the previous generation, the 128GB/256GB of iPhone 13 Pro series is also reduced by 500 yuan and 300 yuan respectively, and the 512GB series is reduced by 700 yuan and 500 yuan respectively. For the 1TB version, the iPhone 13 Pro is priced at 11999 yuan, and the ProMax is priced at 12,999 yuan.

According to the information officially released by Apple at the time, on September 17, the iPhone 13 series officially opened for pre-sale, and on September 24, the series of mobile phones was officially launched. Two new models of Apple iPad and iPad mini were also officially launched on the same day.


In the morning of September 24, Apple’s only store in Shenzhen, Yitian Holiday Plaza, was lined up with dozens of people. According to the staff of the Apple store, only consumers who made an appointment to purchase the machine in advance can enter the store to receive the new machine. No service is provided without an appointment. “Because of the epidemic, you need to make an appointment in advance this year, and you can’t buy it in the store.”

According to media reports, on September 24, outside the Apple Store in Sanlitun, Beijing, citizens lined up in the rain to buy new Apple products.In addition, at 8 o’clock in the morning, Apple Shanghai SouthJingdongLuzhiying stores welcomed the first batch of customers who bought the new iPhone 13 series. Due to the adoption of the online order and offline pick-up model this year, users who came to the store to pick up the goods lined up at the door of the Apple store. In addition, the reporter noticed that there were long queues in the Apple Hangzhou West Lake Store and Sanya Duty Free Store early in the morning.

  Mini is not easy to sell Pro with a price increase of about 1,000 yuan

According to Apple’s official information, the current delivery period for iPhone 13/13 mini models ordered from Apple’s official website is 7~10 days; while for the 13 Pro/Max models, the delivery period is 4~5 weeks. However, the reporter visited on site.Shenzhen HuaqiangBeibei found that this year’s supply is relatively sufficient, and the price increase was also required on the first day of the sale last year, but it is generally difficult to obtain the spot, but this year, as long as the price increases, the spot can be picked up on the spot.

  As for the price increase, merchants told reporters that different products have different configurations and different prices at different times, and prices change dynamically at any time. According to the market quotation at around 3 pm that day, the iPhone 13 series need to be increased by a few hundred to 900 yuan, and the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone13 Pro Max need to be increased by 1,000 yuan to 2,200 yuan. The 1T version of the iPhone13 Pro and iPhone13 Pro Max are relatively available. Nervous, generally need to increase the price of more than 3,000 yuan, and only a few stores have stocks.

In terms of color, the feedback from sales is that the iPhone 12 was the most popular last year in green, with the highest price increase. This year, the pink is the most popular, and the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 series have pink.

What’s interesting is that the reporter actually encountered some merchants who purchased the goods. When the merchant asked about the price of the mini, some merchants directly told the other party: “Don’t take the mini, it’s not easy to sell!” In addition, some merchants also mentioned, “iPhone13 can’t add much price. “.

  According to a quotation form obtained by the Huaqiangbei dealer, the iPhone 13 mini has broken. For example, the official price of the iPhone 13 mini (128G) is 5,199 yuan. The generally optimistic pink is also slightly cheaper than the official website.

It’s worth mentioning that walking intoShenzhen HuaqiangAt Beiyuanwang Digital City and other large-scale electronic product trading places, the signs of “high-priced recycling iPhone13 series” by some merchants rushed to the scene. According to the reporter’s understanding, many consumers who booked iPhone13 series products from the official website can immediately purchase new products. Transfer to these merchants, and the merchants will purchase at a small increase on this basis and then sell them to end consumers at a higher price.

  Tianfeng SecuritiesAnalystGuo Mingchi previously issued a report saying that the delivery time displayed on Apple’s official website can be used as an indicator to judge the strength of demand. Delivery times within 2 weeks, 2–5 weeks, and 5–6 weeks or more indicate that the demand is lower than expected, in line with expectations, and better than expected, respectively. According to the current data on Apple’s official website, the estimated delivery time for the iPhone 13 Pro series of high-end models is 3-5 weeks, which is higher than expected; the delivery time for the two iPhone 13/mini models is 0-2 weeks, which is lower than expected.

(Article source: e company)


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