iPhone 13 Pro MAX pink in the market on time, multiple specifications and colors and a lower price

iPhone 13 Pro MAX pink in the market on time, multiple specifications and colors and a lower price – educate me

iPhone 13 Pro MAX In pink, it will be available in the market on time. This new phone comes with multiple specifications and six colors. iphone 13 pro Max For the first time, it comes with a powerful hexa-core processor. Also enjoy the new phone iPhone 13 Pro pink The screen is larger than the previous iPhone versions. Where multiple improvements have been placed on the phone screen with new features. Including touch feature and recognize the user’s face. As Apple stated, New iPhone 13 Pro Max The phone comes with multiple storage spaces. Where the phone comes in three different areas. That’s also beside that Pink iPhone 13 It contains a sensor in the phone’s camera in addition to the sensor features with a new technology. Apple also made sure that iPhone 13 Pro price Less than the prices of previous phones from the iPhone. All this information and more about iPhone 13 Pro mobile phone Learn about it in the article.

iPhone 13 Pro price

iPhone 13 Pro MAX and some information about the new phone

A few days ago, information was circulated via a tweet issued by Apple. This information talks about the phone, which was made of high-quality materials, including sapphire glass for the screen. That’s also beside that iPhone 13 Pro pink The external structure of the phone was made of anti-rust materials. The new phone comes in an attractive way in terms of the streamlined exterior of the phone, as well as its multiple colors. as that New iPhone 13 Pro Max In terms of the thickness of the phone and its weight, it differs from the previous versions of the iPhone. It has less weight and less thickness. In addition to the various specifications that the company talked about, we will know them in the next lines.

Specifications of the new phone iphone 13 pro Max

  1. The phone was made with a powerful sensor that contains a fingerprint and was placed on the phone screen.
  2. enjoy iPhone 13 Pro pink With a smaller camera hole than the previous phones.
  3. As well as the modern sensor technology that was developed, which is the LIDAR technology.
  4. The new phone is designed to be compatible with all networks from 2G to 5G.
  5. So besides that phone New iPhone 13 Pro Max Supports the fast chip with A15 BIONIC technology.
  6. The new phone comes with a 6.1-inch fingerprint scanner with SUPER RETINA XDR.
  7. The phone’s camera is made of solid and strong materials, and it is made of sapphire glass with high durability.
  8. These specifications are in addition to the fingerprint sensor technology at a rate of 120 Hz.
  9. In addition to that, shooting videos in iPhone 13 Pro with the latest technology, which is 8K.

What are the colors of the Apple iPhone 13 pink?

  1. iPhone 13 Pro pink It is the first color and for the first time put on the market.
  2. The new phone comes in the second color, which is night green.
  3. The royal color that is always required is black.
  4. This is in addition to the eye-catching color, which is red.
  5. Come New iPhone 13 Pro Max A very distinctive color is golden.
  6. As well as the color that phone users love, which is dark blue.
  7. Information is also being circulated that there may be a difference in the prices of phones, according to the color of the phone. The pink color may be the most expensive.

The other various specifications of the iPhone 13 Pro phone

  • The new iPhone will be launched, very similar to the previous iPhone 13 version.
  • Besides, the length of the phone is 160.8, the width is 78.1 and the depth of the phone is 7.5 mm.
  • as that iPhone 13 Pro MAX Its screen occupies 87.4 of the total area of ​​the phone.
  • The phone screen contains 6.8 inches in its composition with the addition of SUPER RETINA OLED technology.
  • The new phone also has a very modern technology added to the screen, which is IB technology.
  • Also enjoy the new phone iPhone 13 Pro pink By linking the phone to the user’s e-mail to protect it from theft and the possibility of tracking.
  • The phone contains in its screen the dimensions of 1170 * 2532 so that the consistency and proportionality in the measurements of each point is 19.5.9.

Features added to the pink iPhone 13 from Apple

  1. As indicated by the previous multiple specifications, Apple was keen to add new features to the phone.
  2. Putting security technology in New iPhone 13 Pro Max It is OLEOPHOBIC.
  3. This is in addition to the features that were developed for the first time on the phone screen, which is DOLBY VISION, WIDE COLOR GAMUT.
  4. The phone also has a sensor feature that has multiple features, which are barometer, compass, proximity, accelerometer.
  5. The new feature of the phone iPhone 13 Pro pink To identify the faces of iPhone users, which is the FACE ID feature.
  6. The phone also has a graphics processor that has been improved to a hexa-core and the addition of GPU technology to it.
  7. Improvements have also been added to the graphic processor to work better than before thanks to the APPLE GPU technology.

The three storage spaces offered in the iphone 13 pro Max

  • poses a phone iPhone 13 Pro MAX With a large storage space of 512GB and random memory 6GB.
  • The second space of the new phone also comes with a storage capacity of 256 GB and random memory of 6 GB.
  • The phone also comes with a third storage space of 128GB and 6GB of random memory.
  • Those three storage spaces offered by Apple for the user to choose the desired space for him.

What is the scheduled price of the iPhone 13 Pro in the market

  1. iPhone price 13 Go In the global market, it is offered at a price of 1055 US dollars.
  2. It also decided the special price for it inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a price of 5500 Saudi riyals.
  3. The price of the new phone in the Arab Republic of Egypt is 25500 Egyptian pounds.
  4. All the announced prices differ in the rest of the countries according to the exchange rate of the dollar and its equivalent in the local currency.

Latest Features of the Pink iPhone 13

  • The new phone has the STERIO audio feature.
  • Also comes a phone New iPhone 13 Pro Max With the support of the wonderful feature NFC.
  • This is in addition to the wonderful feature, which is the feature of blocking ambient noise.
  • The phone is introduced with the new feature, which is electronic payment through VISA cards.
  • My resistance properties in the first new phone are water resistant under 6 meters for half an hour.
  • The second feature of the iPhone 13 Pro is dust resistance, whatever its density in the air.
  • The steel material from which the phone is made is in the background and the front of the phone, which is anti-rust.

iPhone 13 Pro MAX and those features, features and multiple specifications in the new phone. Which we presented in the article, which makes the phone distinct better than the rest of the phones. The prices at which the new phone is offered in the world and inside Saudi Arabia and Egypt were also displayed. The six colors that the phone will be on the market have also been identified. It is scheduled for next September, which is a few days away.

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