It’s not common to find news about + Apple’s upcoming possible products in these series on the Apple TV service, and rather the opposite. But this time around, it’s an important moment in Ted’s new season episode. Lasso series, what represents You could say it’s an iPhone without a “notch”. So it was rumored again.

The frames at the top of this article are moments the iPhone could have seen without it. Unusual eyebrows on iPhones since the iPhone X was announced in 2017, a key element for concealment of cameras and sensors, which caused controversy upon arrival, but was later copied by some to terminals with no real need for functionality.

Will we ever see an iPhone 13 without a notch?

The Apple TV+ series always shows Apple devices, but none of them are clearly visible without a notch like the ones we see in this episode. Can we say that Apple leaked before it introduced the notchless iPhone 13? Well, we don’t believe this is true, but apparently this capture shows what this unnotched iPhone looks like.

Rumors of the launch of the new iPhone 13 today aren’t too keen to get rid of this part of the device. It is located in that place. definitely and If you think about it coolly, you can call it a ‘small iPhone’. It’s only during certain moments in the series, but it’s not the least weird addition to this popular series, so I’ll leave you with questions soon.