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There are several functions available that you will find in the, such is the case of the Dynamic Island. This function will serve as a notch of that, unlike this one, you will be able to carry out different activities just by pressing on its interface.

Besides, the Dynamic Island can take different forms that fit what you are doing at the moment, such as listening to music, seeing the temperature and other options available in the iPhone.

Now, with the arrival of the version 16.1 of , Apple has released new improvements to this technology that will benefit the public. Next, we show you what they are about.


After the latest updates on iOS 16.1users will be able to experience improvements over the Dynamic Island. We explain what they are:

In case you use a screen with black background or activate the dark mode On your iPhone, the edge of the Dynamic Island interface will be grey, in order to stand out against the background of your phone.

Also, this gray border will only appear if you are using an app. An example is if you are playing a song on Apple Music or if your smartphone it is blocked.

It should be noted that the Dynamic Island is currently available for iPhone 14 Pro y iPhone 14 Pro Max. In this way, if you have any of these models, you will no longer have to worry that this function will not appear on your screen under the conditions mentioned above.

How to delete duplicate contacts from iOS 16

  • The first step is to open the Settings appfollowed by Apple ID.
  • Now go to iCloud.
  • Select the alternative All and activate contacts.
  • Once this is done, iCloud contacts will be synced with those on your iPhone.
  • Then go to the app contacts.
  • At the top, you’ll see the option Duplicate Contacts Found (if you have any).
  • You will need to click on this button.
  • After this, the duplicate contacts will appear.
  • Click on each contact to make sure that the information for each of them is the same.
  • When you are sure of this, click on the button Merge contacts.
  • Finally, you will have to wait a few seconds until Solved appears.


  • From your iPhone, go to the section Settings.
  • After this, select the option iTunes and App Store.
  • You will see a new tab open.
  • Scroll down until you find the alternative Ratings and reviews.
  • Lastly, check this button to disabled.


  • From your iPhone, open the app Settings.
  • Next, click on the option Accessibility.
  • Now give Audio/visual.
  • The button Sound on and off will appear.
  • Finally, disable it to prevent your smartphone from ringing.

After these indications you will no longer hear the sound of turning on your iPhone. Also, if you change your mind, you can reactivate it by following the same steps from your mobile device.

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