IPhone and iPad apps on Mac?

With the M1 processor, the new generation of Macs and MacBooks can have access to applications available on iPhone and iPad, which were still today reserved for phones and tablets of the Cupertino company.

On the own App Store dedicated only to Macs, a considerable number of applications previously present on the iPhone and iPad App Store have appeared in recent days. Which made the macOS store much more interesting.

It will also be possible to download applications designed only for iPhone or iPad. In these cases, they open in windows on the Mac home screen and won’t have all of the features available on Apple tablets and phones. These app adaptations still need to be optimized to work equally well on Macs and iPads, without being designed in two different versions. In the meantime, they are currently available in a hybrid adaptation version that works in a fairly basic way on Mac.

Today applications like Facebook do not exist on the Mac App Store, while others, such as the benchmark word processing application, Microsoft Word, it is available in three different versions depending on the device, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Applications for iPhone on Mac

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For iPhone applications, the maneuver is a little more complex. Indeed the application can be downloaded on the Mac only if no iPad version exists. Then, it will not be very functional, and the window will not be able to be maximized in full screen or to be shared with another gap, as is the case with applications made for iPad.

In addition, most iPhone applications are based on the principle of multi-touch which cannot be reproduced with a mouse. While waiting for developers to improve their features on Mac, Apple offers to keep the trackpad key pressed with one finger while multi-keying with the rest of his hand. A not the most comfortable solution, which offers an alternative for applications only available on iPhone.

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