iPhone Apple Watch physical buttons disappear? Obtained a patent for interaction area

The news that Apple has received some patents for the invisible interactive realm has been reported through the foreign news outlet Phonearena.

(Data source = PhoneArena)

The content that Apple has patented is related to the visual button, but it is a touch method using light without a physical button.

As for the operation method, after applying a micro-perforation that allows light to pass through, the light turns on when the button is usable, and turns off when not in use, so that the surface cannot be detected.

It is analyzed that such a light sensor or a sensor that detects pressure can be installed in Apple devices (iPhone/Watch/Pencil, etc.) in the future to serve as a button.

As a result, there are opinions that some of the physical buttons will disappear from Apple products in the future, and it will take some time for the patents obtained this time to be applied to actual products as they are patent certifications.

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