Irama, positive a staff member: performance postponed

Cold shower for Rhythm, on the eve of the 71st edition of Sanremo Festival, who will have to give up the race after the antigenic swab of one of his staff members has tested positive.

The singer, who was supposed to perform at the Ariston Theater tonight with the song The genesis of your color, was in turn subjected to a molecular test swab. Pending the result, his performance was postponed to the second evening of the Festival. In his place – among the 13 Champions on stage tonight – he will perform Noemi, as communicated by Rai.

Sanremo 2021, let’s go: here is the program of the five days of the song

02 March 2021

Irama and the staff have so far followed, in addition to the Rai protocol, also the one imposed by Fimi on all the singers of associated labels (Irama is in the Warner stable), so he and his staff ate all meals in their respective hotel rooms. and the artist only granted interviews on Zoom. Yesterday Noemi had posted the message on Instagram: “I can’t wait to let you hear Glicine“that moment has come sooner than expected.


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