Iran accuses Bahrain of treason and being “an accomplice to Israel’s crimes” for signing peace agreement | International

Iran accused this Saturday the authorities of Bahrain of having become “Accomplices of crimes” of Israel by normalizing its relations with this country, an agreement announced on Friday by Donald Trump, who thus takes a step forward in transforming the Middle East scene and isolating Iran.

“Bahrain’s leaders will now be complicit in the crimes of the Zionist regime, as well as a constant threat to the security of the region and the Muslim world.”the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

Hours earlier, Bahrain had become the second Gulf country to normalize its relations with Israel, after a similar agreement reached between Israel and United Arab Emirates less than a month ago, and in the fourth Arab state to establish these ties, following the agreements signed by Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994.

Trump described as “historic” this agreement between his “two great friends”, which will mean the starting point for the restoration of full diplomatic and commercial relations.

“There are things happening in the Middle East that nobody could have thought,” said the president.

According to one of the advisers of the King of Bahrain, Khalid al Khalifa, this agreement will boost the “security, stability and prosperity” of the region.

The White House specified that Bahrain will participate in a signing ceremony scheduled for Tuesday in Washington, which will also be attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Like most of the Gulf countries, Bahrain shares with Israel and the United States the same hostility towards Iran and in its case accuses it of using the Shiite community in Bahrain against the ruling Sunni dynasty.

Bahrainis opposed to a rapprochement with Israel denounced this agreement this Saturday and on social media, the labels “Bahrainis against normalization” and “Normalization is treason” multiplied.

“Blow” to the Palestinian cause

Turkey He also condemned the agreement to normalize relations between Israel and Bahrain, calling it a “new blow” to the Palestinian cause on Saturday.

“It is a blow against efforts to defend the Palestinian cause, it will strengthen Israel in its illegal practices against Palestine and make the occupation of the Palestinian territories permanent.”said the Turkish Foreign Ministry in a statement.

According to the Turkish authorities, this agreement is also opposed to the Arab peace initiative, which calls for Israel’s complete withdrawal from the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 in exchange for a normalization of relations.

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al Sisi hailed the agreement as “historic.”

He Lebanese Hezbollah, a Shiite movement supported by Tehran, called it “Treason and stab in the back of the Palestinian people”.

Until now there was a consensus in the Arab world that the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was a non-negotiable precondition for a diplomatic rapprochement with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority and the Islamist movement Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, called this agreement a “stab in the back” and “aggression” against the Palestinian cause.

Ahmad Majdalani, Palestinian Minister of Social Affairs, said that “four or five Arab countries would be willing to sign an illusory peace” (normalization agreement, ndlr) with Israel.

The official did not give details about which countries they would be, but according to Palestinian sources it could be Oman, Sudan, Mauritania and Morocco.

But according to Trump, this agreement between Israel and Bahrain will also benefit the Palestinians.

“They will be in a very good position”, said. “They will want to be part of (the conversations) because all their friends will be there”, said.

Normalizing relations between Israel and America’s allies in the Middle East, including the wealthy Gulf monarchies, is a key goal of Trump’s regional strategy.

“As other countries normalize their relations with Israel, which will happen, we are convinced that fairly quickly the region will become more stable, safer and more prosperous,” said the president, who aspires to be re-elected in November.

Upon his arrival at the White House in 2017, Trump had promised a lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians and at the beginning of the year presented a plan for the region that was immediately rejected by the Palestinians, who considered it favorable to Israel and considered that it left aside. their aspiration to have a State that lives alongside Israel with fair and stable borders.


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