Iran announces lifting of arms embargo against the country | News

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohamad Yvad Zarif, confirmed this Saturday the lifting of the United Nations arms embargo against the country in accordance with the provisions of resolution 2231 of the Security Council of the multilateral organization.


Iran condemns new US coercive measures against it

The Iranian Foreign Minister noted that the news is a victory for peace in the region, “the current normalization of Iran’s defense cooperation with the world is a victory for the cause of multilateralism, peace and security in our region. ”, He added.

Likewise, the announcement is also based on the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (Jcpoa) ​​signed in 2015 by several nations, where Iran has complied with everything agreed. The sanctions are settled in exchange for strict controls on the nuclear program.

According to the United Nations, Tehran will be able to buy weapons for its national defense and deterrence, there is no room for weapons considered “unconventional” and weapons of mass destruction.

“In contemporary history, Iran (despite its power disparity) has never started a war,” says the United Nations resolution.

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