Iran bans women from entering football stadiums; The protest is strong

Iran bans women from entering football stadiums The government’s latest decision comes in the wake of the World Cup qualifiers against Lebanon.

Meanwhile, football fans are protesting strongly against the government’s new decision. About 2,000 Iranian women turned out to watch the match against Lebanon at the Imam Reze Stadium in the northeastern province of Mashad, Iran. However, they were denied entry to the competition.

Despite Iran’s 2-0 victory, football fans across the country are outraged by the government’s decision. Iran’s national football team captain Alireza Jahanbaksh has criticized the government’s decision. ‘Nothing is going to happen here as women are allowed to enter the stadium. Like everyone else, they have the right to watch the game, “said Alireza.

But this is not the first time Iran has banned women from football stadiums. Since its inception in 1979, the Iranian government has banned women from playing in football stadiums and other sports stadiums in the country. The long-running entry ban was finally lifted in 2019.

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The ban was lifted in 2018 after FIFA intervened in the case of a woman named Sahar Khodayari, who had come to watch a game in a men’s uniform, commit suicide after being threatened by Iranian police and sent to jail inside the stadium. Following this, FIFA warned Iran to allow women access to stadiums. But this has often been ignored by the Iranian government.

Summary : Iranian Women banned from entering into football stadiums,  football fans cricticise govt’s act.

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