Iran, China, Afghanistan … Trump’s latest decisions at the White House

After briefly and partially acknowledging, Sunday, November 15, the victory of Joe Biden because the elections were, according to him, “riggedDonald Trump finally went back on his words and claimed his re-election on Twitter.

The outgoing president does not intend to facilitate the task of his successor by increasing the number of legal remedies to challenge the legality of the elections. In office until January 20, Donald Trump also seems inclined to complete his policy, even if it means making binding decisions for his successor.

Threat of a strike in Iran

Donald Trump would, according to the New York Times, asked Thursday, November 12 of several of his collaborators including Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chief of Staff Mark Milley, “if he had options to act against“The site of Natanz, in Iran,”in the next weeks“. The question would follow a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which indicates that Tehran continued to accumulate uranium, according to the American daily. Senior officials, yet close to the billionaire would have it “Dissuaded from going forward with a military strikeBecause the risk of the conflict degenerating would be too great.

Since the start of his mandate, Donald Trump has continued to have Iran in his sights. In 2018, he ended the international agreement, signed three years earlier to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, deeming it insufficient. In the process, the Head of State launched a campaign of “maximum pressure»With sanctions having plunged the Persian country into a violent recession.

Tehran, for its part, responded by breaking out of the nuclear agreement on several occasions since May 2019. A defeat for the other signatory countries, like France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia, which have worked for years on such a commitment.

The Trump administration has pledged to further strengthen punitive measures against Iran. A strategy seen by some observers as the desire to build such a “wall of sanctionsThat it would be difficult for Joe Biden to go back.

Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

With the dismissal of Defense Minister Mark Esper, and his replacement by a former Special Forces lieutenant, Christopher Miller, and the replacement of James Anderson, Pentagon number 3, by Anthony Tata, Fox News commentator, Donald Trump wanted to mark its territory for the sixty days remaining to it before giving way. And Afghanistan is at the heart of its concerns.

On October 7, he said he wanted to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan to 2,500 in early 2021 and even mentioned a total withdrawal for Christmas. On Tuesday, Christopher Miller announced that about 2,000 military personnel will have withdrawn from Afghanistan on January 15, and 500 more will have left Iraq, leaving only 2,500 troops in each country.

A decision that is not unanimous in the Trump camp. Last Monday, Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is a regular ally of the incumbent president, said “lhe consequences of an untimely departure from the United States could prove to be even worse than Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, which fueled the rise of the Islamic State».

Acceleration of drilling in the Arctic

The Trump administration is also heading for the Arctic and its 6,500 square kilometer protected coastal area. In accordance with his commitments made in 2017, the outgoing president launched the procedure for the sale of oil and gas concessions in this national refuge where polar bears and caribou live.

A document authorizing interested companies to come forward should be published Tuesday, November 17 in the official journal. The sale of the plots could take place before January 20, the date of inauguration of Joe Biden, who has promised to protect this coastal region of northeastern Alaska.

Latest spikes launched against China

Between the trade war and the scathing little sentences launched by the two presidents, Sino-American relations have not been happy during Donald Trump’s four-year mandate. Beijing even threatened with a “new cold warBetween the two leading world military powers if the tension did not subside. According to the US Bloomberg news agency, Donald Trump is planning several radical new measures against China in the remaining weeks of his mandate.

After the conflict between the American government and the Chinese video application TikTok, Donald Trump intends to protect his national technological market, even if it means harming potential competitors. Another area would be targeted by the outgoing president: the sector of “illegal” fishing in the Western Pacific.

Massive vaccination campaign

The Pfizer & BioNTech and Moderna laboratories promise vaccines that are more than 90% effective against Covid-19. The two products could be authorized by the United States Medicines Agency (FDA) in the first half of December, according to Moncef Slaoui, scientific manager of Operation Warp Speed, set up by President Donald Trump to vaccinate the American population.

Twenty million Americans could thus be vaccinated against the virus which has already killed more than 200,000 in the country. As several cities like Chicago asked residents to avoid going out, except for essential travel, including work and school, not to receive any guests and to cancel the traditional Thanksgiving holidays, Moncef Slaoui said 25 million vaccines would be available each month starting in January.

For his part, Joe Biden is preparing his future electoral team in a tense atmosphere as Donald Trump refuses to initiate the presidential transition. A tension that worries the next American president. According to him, without consultation between the two teams, “more people may die“, Especially in the face of the Covid-19 emergency which continues to develop massively in the country.

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