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Iran expands counter-demonstrations and repression against the “women’s uprising”

by archyde

More than 1,800 detainees in 3 provinces… and dozens of children among the dead and wounded in Kurdistan

The Iranian authorities have re-organized counter-demonstrations against the protest marches sweeping the country in solidarity with the “women’s uprising” against the “moral police” accused of causing the death of the young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, and escalated its repressive measures against the protesters.

Yesterday, the Basij forces mobilized dozens of their supporters, who were transported by private buses to Inqilab Square in central Tehran. State television broadcast live footage from the demonstration backed by the regime, during which chants were chanted, which are usually repeated during “Revolutionary Guard” events.

While the NetBlocks observatory for monitoring the Internet showed an almost complete interruption of mobile phone service in the country, protests renewed in several areas of Tehran yesterday evening, a day after angry rallies in the west and center of the capital.

The Oslo-based NGO “Human Rights in Iran” announced that at least 54 protesters had been killed in the crackdown, while state television said on Saturday evening that the death toll had reached 41. The number of detainees exceeded 1,800 people in three out of 31 governorates, the majority of which witnessed protests. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Network in Kurdistan reported that the number of arrests reached 570, confirming the killing of 17 people and wounding 435 others. The organization said that among the dead and wounded were dozens of children.

Tehran summoned the British ambassador to protest against the “hostile coverage” of the protests by Persian channels in London, and the Norwegian ambassador, following statements by the Norwegian parliament speaker in support of the protesters.

In addition, the “Anonymous” group hacked the Iranian parliament’s website and published the phone numbers of deputies, as well as the Ministry of Economy’s website in the context of attacks that disrupted the Iranian guide’s website and government websites.

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