Iran, Jordan and Morocco concentrate the majority of recent cases

Iran, Jordan and Morocco concentrate the majority of coronavirus cases identified last week in the region, the World Health Organization office in Cairo, which covers around 20 countries, reported Thursday. North Africa to Central Asia.

P60% of all (Covid-19) cases reported last week were read in three countries: the Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan and Morocco, “said at a virtual press conference Ahmed el-Mandhari, Regional Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the “Eastern Mediterranean” (22 countries, from Morocco to Pakistan).

To date, according to the WHO, this geographical area has recorded 3.6 million cases, out of a total of 55 million worldwide, or less than 10%.

But “the actual number of confirmed cases in the region is much higher and recent trends remain very worrying,” noted Dr Mandhari.

According to him, this increase is “clearly the result of the relaxation of containment and restrictions, which had made it possible to control the pandemic in July and August”.

To date, Iran, the most affected country in the Middle East, has recorded more than 43,000 deaths, and more than 800,000 cases (815,117) of Covid-19 have been confirmed since the start of the epidemic in February.

In recent weeks, the Iranian authorities have regularly announced daily reports of more than 400 dead.

Morocco surpassed the 5,000 dead mark on Wednesday, and that of 300,000 contaminations since March.

The kingdom, which has some 35 million inhabitants, currently reports more than 5,000 cases and several dozen deaths per day.

King Mohammed VI recently endorsed the launch of a “massive vaccination operation” in the coming weeks – the exact date remains to be determined.

Morocco is participating in the clinical trials of the Chinese vaccine from the Sinopharm laboratory, with an agreement granting it 10 million doses before the end of 2020 in the event of convincing results.

A small country of 10 million inhabitants, Jordan records nearly 8,000 cases per day and is approaching 2,000 deaths, out of a total of 163,926 cases.

Last week, the countries that reported the largest increase in the number of deaths were “Jordan, Tunisia and Lebanon”, added Dr Mandhari.

In Tunisia, 83,772 cases have been confirmed and the country currently records between 1,400 and 2,000 contaminations, with a death toll of 96 deaths on Tuesday for more than 2,500 deaths in total.



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