Iran steps up pressure on Biden

The regime, which claims to have boosted uranium enrichment to 20%, has boarded a South Korean oil tanker.

Pressure from the Iranian radicals or a simple bluff? The government announced on Monday that it had initiated the process to produce 20% enriched uranium in the Fordow underground plant, south of Tehran.

So far, Tehran has enriched uranium to a degree of purity higher than the limit provided for in the 2015 nuclear agreement signed between Iran and the great powers (3.67%) but did not exceed the threshold of 4.5%. This is the most serious Iranian departure from this agreement. She succeeds others, in response to the exit of this arrangement by the Trump administration, which, in 2018, adopted a policy of “Maximum pressures” against Iran. But as Joe Biden prepares to enter the White House on January 20 and intends to reconnect the threads of diplomacy with Tehran, this Iranian decision is fueling speculation.

“We are in the tactics”, confides a source close to the Iranian nuclear organization. “After January 20, Biden will have

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