Irina Baeva is pregnant, she herself sparked rumors

A few hours ago the actress Irina Baeva 28-year-old shared on her social networks a status with a video saying that she was very excited about something that was going to happen. His followers immediately commented on him and most of the comments were about a pregnancy.

To which the model responded in a comment saying “A new member of the family, I am your fan”, while she replied that this response was one of the most popular, that same made her fans crazy because they were 100% sure that she was pregnant for this is what you have waited for a long time ago.

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In her Instagram states, Irina continued with stories where apparently she was already going to tell us the truth, but what was the surprise … the actress and her partner, Gabriel Soto, were referring to the fact that the cupboard had been accommodated, because for time was a mess. Yes I know, that was totally a mockery of us.

Last year Irina it was on everyone’s lips because it was also thought that she would have a baby, again it was a very false rumor. It has been many times in which Irina has moved us, but unfortunately she has not yet been able or wanted to have a baby, let’s hope that for the other she no longer excites us.

“She is pregnant and I did not find out, no guys, that is totally false, we must not pay attention to everything that people say because there are many inventions and tomorrow they will invent anything. That is totally false I did not find out”, said the actress on that occasion.

Last Monday, the trailer for the telenovela “Te acuerdas de me” was released in Mexico, where the participation of Gabriel Soto, the actress’s boyfriend and model, is seen. Irina Baeva where are we sure that Irina She will be the first to sit in front of the television to be able to watch the soap opera, because on social networks we could see that she could not hide the emotion when watching the trailer.

“Please run and you are going to see the trailer, I share that I knew the story very big, but now that I saw the trailer, it was like this. Literal. What a good story and how well done this one! It’s going to be. I urge that it be released. because from seeing the pure trailer I was already stung, “the model wrote on her Instagram account.

Although this may sound a bit strange Irina She was fascinated with the interpretation of the two characters in the novel, as it is seen that Gabriel and Fatima have great chemistry and the model did not hesitate to become the number one fan of that couple in the soap opera. This may sound very strange to women, as anyone would be jealous.

“Gabriel Soto and Fátima Molina, I’m a fan of Vera and Pedro. Congratulations to both of them,” Irina said in a comment.

This couple has always surprised us, shows us their unconditional love, where they support each other, each one learns from the other and as expected, the beautiful actress dedicated some beautiful words to Gabriel Soto, for his new premiere in the telenovela “Te acuerdas de me”, without a doubt this is the best detail that Gabriel Soto can have.

“I am so proud of you, now that this story is released it will be worth all the effort, love and desire that all of you are putting into it. It is urgent that it be released, it will be a success because great sacrifices always bring great benefits . With everything, I love you “, these were the words that Irina dedicated to her boyfriend.

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