Irmgard Griss unpacks in ORF-ZIB2 about Sebastian Kurz – politics

At Armin Wolf, Irmgard Griss describes what she had planned with Sebastian Kurz in 2016. At the same time, she massively attacks the ex-chancellor.

Sebastian Kurz has disappeared from the public eye. For this week are no public appearances of the ÖVP politician known. Thanks to the former NEOS boss Matthias Strolz The fallen chancellor still makes headlines. On ORF, the Vorarlberger revealed a dark short secret on ORF “In the center” – “Today” reported.

Accordingly, after the presidential election in 2016, the turquoise beam man wanted to forge an alliance in the form of an election platform together with the popular but inferior candidate Irmgard Griss and Matthias Strolz. Briefly wanted to create a plan B “by inhaling the NEOS”, but then turned around and instead massively poached in the FPÖ camp, analyzes political advisor Thomas Hofer for the ORF.

As is well known, nothing came of the collaboration with Strolz. He described that he broke off the conversation in shock when he realized that “lying is a standard instrument for him”, in short “does not act with integrity” and that there are “wild abysses lurking behind the highly polished paint”. Since then, the ex-pink has been silent: “Everything has been said from my side.”

Sebastian Kurz not ready for anything new

However, this does not end the cause. On this Monday evening I finally took it too Irmgard Griss in the ORF studio of “ZIB2“across from Star Anchor Armin Wolf Space to express your point of view. Sebastian Kurz had previously declined the interview.

She also describes how the three of them considered running together in a National Council election. “After the presidential election, Sebastian Kurz called me and offered to dock with the ÖVP”, recalls Griss. By supporting NEOS in the election campaign, however, she also felt obliged to the pink, and therefore wanted to involve Strolz in these talks.

The former President of the Supreme Court did not comment on Strolz’s statements, but describes her opinion: “It was clear to me at the time that Sebastian Kurz is not ready to emancipate himself from the ÖVP and really start something new “. A new movement would have been needed for the many building sites in the republic, but in their opinion the long-established ÖVP was not very willing to reform.

“Is not at all about what is punishable”

So much for the past. But can Kurz ever again enter the running for the Chancellery as a top candidate? “That is completely out of the question!”the lawyer thunders and insists that the criminal record cannot be the only measure of things for such a candidacy.

“That is also the self-respect of us citizens, that we say that we don’t want anyone in the top position who has come to power like that. It’s not about what is criminal.”

“No Custom Wrong”

For Griss, the intrigues within the party that were exposed are already a moral criterion for exclusion, even if, in the end, Kurz was not found to have committed any criminal misconduct. The turquoise line of defense that – to put it casually – throw Hackln in the cross and saw on someone else’s armchair, possibly everyday political life (in short: “Political business is tough.”) does not accept it at all:

“We have a customary right, but we do not have a customary wrong. I cannot justify behavior by saying that other people have already done it too.”, explains Griss in the studio.

“We as voters have to defend ourselves against it. Even if games like this have always been played, they have to end at some point.”

“Absolutely ridiculous and untenable”

As a veteran judge, she also protects the judiciary. The ÖVP attacks against the public prosecutor are for them “Absolutely ridiculous and untenable. To say the prosecutors are doing this to wipe out one thing … that’s too cheap!”

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