Iron Conflict strategy has become shareware – Gambling addiction

In January 2021 studio Angela Game and publishing Imperium Interactive Entertainment released in early access Steam online real-time strategy Iron Conflict… She received mixed reviews.
And now the developers announcedthat are transferring their game to a shareware model. Everyone can already download the game for free and go into battles with the participation of modern technology and combat vehicles from the Second World War.

For those who have supported the developers since the release of the game into Early Access, a reward has been prepared: 30 days of premium account, cash rewards and an exclusive 2S7 self-propelled howitzer. In addition, all old and new players will be sent an incentive reward: 7 days of premium account, experience and reward cards, as well as half a million silver.

The developers also released a major update with a new Tactical Offensive mode, additional units and in-game events. Also, everyone can take advantage of discounts in the in-game store for premium sets and rewards for spending gold.

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