Ironman Hawaii: Christoph Mattner swims, drives and runs with the front

While defending champion Patrick Lange had to give up the Ironman Hawaii with a fever, Christoph Mattner defeated the weaker self. Born in Meyenburg, who had no contact with triathlon until two and a half years ago and kicked the round leather for Hansa Wittstock, he completed the heat battle in Kona in a strong 9:03:02 hours. “If you think about where I’m from, that’s really great,” the 29-year-old wrote just a few hours after his race on the WhatsApp news service.

He comes from Meyenburg in the Prignitz region, works as a department head for ordnance disposal in Schwerin and lives with his girlfriend Marie in Lübeck. And by the way, the late starter swims, drives and runs in the front field of the Ironman World Championship, the toughest triathlon in the world. Out of all 2272 starters, he landed on an outstanding 78th place, in the men’s field he catapulted himself to 70th place. “I am especially happy that I finished ninth in my age group 30 to 34 and thus in the top ten around the world am, ”says Mattner. And that, although not everything went smoothly for him.

At 6.55 a.m. local time – 6.55 p.m. German time – the starting shot sounded for the endurance athlete on Saturday. “I slept unusually well before. In the morning, however, the hustle and bustle started, in which to be on the safe side you really put on your shirt again, ”laughs“ Matti ”.

The 3.86 kilometer swim, behind which he was able to make a hook after 59:16 minutes, went very well, despite negative surprises, as Mattner himself reports: “At the beginning I was involved in what felt like a wrestling match, shortly afterwards I put one foot in the face and was stuck under. I wasn’t prepared for that at all, but at the latest I noticed that this is a lot more going on than a normal triathlon. ”Nevertheless, Christoph Mattner was able to swim along well, including the change to the bike, with which he then went 180.2 kilometers completed it went smoothly.

On two wheels, however, there was a break: “I couldn’t control my pulse and I couldn’t put any pressure on the pedals, I had to let a few people go up to 70 km.” Mattner didn’t bother with a long part of the race unnecessary pressure, fed well and was rewarded for it. “Suddenly I went uphill again very well, so I have an advantage with my small size. From the turning point it was fun, my pulse went down and I drove the second half even faster than the first, ”reports the Prignitzer, who felt good after almost five hours (4:53:00) on the bike the second transition area came – “although I was on my own for about 120 kilometers, I felt the full broadside of Hawaii”.

This is exactly why Christoph Mattner allowed himself short breaks at the refreshment stands in the final marathon (42.195 kilometers), despite the tough start. “It got extremely hot on the highway, so you were grateful for every sponge and ice cube,” he explains. After a total of nine hours, three minutes and two seconds, Christoph Mattner crosses the finish line, almost 70 minutes after the winner Jan Frodeno and about 33 minutes after the winner Anne Haug.

October 12th will go down in triathlon history as a triumphant day for Germans – especially for Christoph Mattner, who now wants to treat himself to a few more days of vacation in paradise with girlfriend Marie. From the sports field in the village to the triathlon heaven. From 0 to 100.

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