Ironman Hawaii: “Then it’s the toughest competition ever” – Esslingen

Annette Mack from Tria Echterdingen competed twice at Ironman Hawaii – two unforgettable experiences for the 55-year-old. Photo: Günter Bergmann

The triathlete Annette Mack speaks about the recent cancellation of the Ironman Hawaii and looks back on her own participation there twice.

Leinfelden – Actually, the time has come now. October, highlight of the season. But the renewed cancellation of Ironman Hawaii due to corona has plunged many triathletes into a crisis of meaning. One who can understand this is Annette Mack. The 55-year-old from Leinfelden took part in the most prestigious challenge in the sport in 1994 and 2006. In our “Wednesday Word”, the two-time age group European champion from Tria Echterdingen looks back on her two starts in Hawaii, takes a look at the triathlon scene and says why the Echterdingen women who were once so successful nationwide no longer play a role.


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