is Belgium going to reconfine? “We have between 6,000 and 7,000 infections a day, that’s a lot,” Vandenbroucke estimates.

Invited on the set of VTM this Sunday, October 24, Frank Vandenbroucke spoke of the health situation which is only getting worse at the moment in Belgium. As Covid-19 cases continue to rise, the Minister of Health has insisted that action must be taken quickly.

Frank Vandenbroucke insisted on the importance of wearing a mask: “There are a lot of viruses circulating today. We now have between 6,000 and 7,000 new infections every day, which is a lot. So we have to be more careful. For example, we have to start using the mouth mask again. I wouldn’t even wait for politicians to decide. I went to the bakery this morning with my mouth mask on, which is a very easy way to ensure a little more safety, ”he said.

If he considers that the mask should remain compulsory in shops and public transport, for the minister, this is not essential in the catering industry: “You have to provide very good ventilation”.

In his interview with VTM, Frank Vandenbroucke clarified that no new confinement was in sight: “There is absolutely no confinement to come. Without the vaccines we would have been in a total disaster today, but luckily many people have already been vaccinated ”. The Minister of Health also mentioned the Covid Safe Ticket, which according to him, makes life much simpler: “I have no problem that vaccinated people can move freely with the CST and go to all kinds of things. activities, where the unvaccinated will only be able to do so if they can test negative. They will have to pay for this test. Those who are vaccinated will have an easier, safer and freer life ”.


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