Is Belgium on the verge of a third wave due to the British variant? “We are at a tipping point”

The British variant of the coronavirus will inevitably become the dominant variant in Belgium. Today, 25% of new contaminations observed are due to this variant, said biostatistician Geert Molenberghs (KU Leuven / UHasselt) on Sunday at the microphone of the VRT.

A question therefore arises: is Belgium on the verge of a third wave because of this new strain of the virus? According to microbiologist Herman Goossens, we are clearly “at a tipping point”.

He adds to VRT NEWS that “we have to follow up on all the measures, otherwise it will be a tragedy”. For the professor at UAnvers, “we must not wait another month or two” because if we fall into a third wave, “it will easily last until April or May”.


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