Is Blizzard ending updates to its flagship game?

This is the drama! Blizzard has announced it: it will no longer produce new content for its cult game, StarCraft 2, to the chagrin of its community. Should we therefore deduce that the studio will turn its back on this title, already a decade old?

StarCraft 2 appeals to a host of fans of real-time strategy games. It must be said that the title published by Blizzard makes it more than competitive, including for some artificial intelligences, as Alphastar of Deepmind, who placed in GrandMaster! While the franchise celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, Blizzard tells us that the game will no longer be entitled to new content. A decision that infuriates just as much as it does not surprise. Why ? Quite simply because it had been a while since the developers had not disclosed anything folichon. This, despite the anniversary year of the 2nd part of StarCraft. The players will therefore find themselves without additional content, as announced by the firm.

Will Blizzard abandon StarCraft?

Do we have to see the glass half empty? If the development of StarCraft 2 is at a standstill, this does not at all confirm the possibility that a third opus will emerge, far from it. This is also what seems to be brewing in the pipes. Finally, Blizzard has a lot of business and must tackle other titles. Starting with the following World of Warcraft, highly regarded by Henry Cavill. Or even Diablo 4 and the possible Overwatch 2. To make it short: Blizzard no longer has time to take care of her grown-up baby.

However, the game will not be completely abandoned. In addition to the basic updates and corrective patches, the strategy game will be entitled to a constant renewal of seasons.“We will continue to make seasons and the necessary balance fixes in the future”, promised the studio, in its press release which sums it up well.

We will continue to support StarCraft II in the same way we did with our previous long-standing games, such as Brood War, focusing primarily on what matters most to our grassroots and competitive communities.

As a reminder, the last major expansion in the StarCraft universe was Legacy of the Void, released in 2015. If a StarCraft 3 will see the light of day, we can easily understand why Blizzard no longer wants to waste time with its title. It remains to be seen what he will have under his elbow when BlizzCon 2021 …

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