is curfew harming our sanity?

We are there, the curfew has been in place since 9 p.m., Saturday October 17. This Does “night confinement” have psychological consequences on our health? For Sophie Péters, psychoanalyst and guest of It’s going much better, the weekly this Sunday, it is undeniable. This period of pandemic, confinement and now curfew, “hurts our morale”.

“This curfew, which is implemented in cities, this place where we live at night, (…) for anxious people, it is very distressing to see this city which does not live any more, not to hear any more noise, and to feel isolated “, she believes. Through these health measures, “there is never any question (…) of the mental health of individuals”, but it is inseparable. “When our mind is bad, it can make our body sick and vice versa”.

Otherwise, “the period opens an existential crisis for many of us “. Many of us are questioned about the “meaning of our existence” through this time. During confinement, “we all found ourselves face to face with ourselves in our lives and our life choices”.

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