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is it better to wait six months before a third dose?

It’s decided: in Belgium, the 3rd dose of vaccine will be administered to the entire population by the end of spring. But is it really useful right away for vaccinated people who got infected with covid this fall? Can’t they wait 6 months for the infection’s effect on their immunity to wear off?

This is not the opinion of the spokesperson for our Federal Minister of Health who speaks in a personal capacity on Twitter. “#Covid19: I have been vaccinated and have had the disease. Qd do my booster? “, asks France Dammel on the social network. “This is no reason to wait for months! The CSS (Superior Health Council) recommends the booster as early as 14 days after healing. Important to get this message across !! “

In June 2021, the Superior Health Council issued its opinion on getting vaccinated after an infection. This is what he said in his report: “This vaccination can only be carried out at the earliest 14 days after the symptomatic patient has fully recovered, or at the earliest 14 days after obtaining the positive result of a PCR if the patient has not presented any symptoms. “

Waiting at least 14 days after infection, so it’s somewhat different than getting the vaccine directly after 14 days. For the infectiologist of the Saint-Luc university clinics, Leïla Belkhir, it is better to wait. “I do not see the point of revaccinating immediately (after 14 days) if two doses of vaccine in the spring and covid confirmed in October-November. In this case, the covid plays a booster effect on immunity “, she replies on Twitter.

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