Is it healthy to heat food in the microwave?

The World Health Organization indicates whether to heat the food in the microwave oven is it good or bad for the Health.

The microwave is one of the most widely used inventions in history. This is due to the practicality of heating, defrosting and even preparing food quickly and easily. Despite this, there are many myths and supposed scientific knowledge that indicate that its use on a regular basis could present severe damage to health. In fact, its potential as originating from diseases such as cancer and cell problems has even been talked about.

These arguments range from remarks indicating that heating food in the microwave oven food loses its nutrients, to say that it is a high exposure to radiation. One of the main concerns revolves around the high frequency waves that generate the heat and the functionality of the device. In this regard, the World Health Organization has had to explain the effects of this type of product on the human body.

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Microwave waves are not only used to heat food. In fact, they are present in almost all of our devices. When we turn on the television, when using the GPS, when making a phone call we are using this type of energy from microwave oven. Which means that all the time humans are in contact with these waves, which are of low frequency, as much as the radio or the light bulb that illuminates your room. When these microwaves come into contact with the water particles that the food contains, they come into friction and heat up.

Does heating food in the microwave cause it to lose its nutrients?

For this reason, the WHO warns and suggests to stop worrying about this type of electrical appliance that does not make food “radioactive”. However, the theory that food loses nutrients when heated in the microwave oven it’s not so fake after all. Since a large part of these nutrients are found in the water particles, which when they heat up and disappear end up taking away some of these benefits.

For example, a study of the BBC discovered that in the broccoli, when you put it in the microwave, 97% of the flavonoids disappear. However, the loss of nutrients is mainly related to the type of food, cooking time and temperature to which it is subjected. According to the World Health Organization, the nutritional values ​​of food are not affected if the food is heated for less than a minute.

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