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Running is a great way to lose weight. If you burn more calories than you consume per day, you lose weight. If you eat less 500kcal a day or consume more 500kcal calories a day, the diet will succeed. 500 kcal per day, 15,000 kcal per month, which is equivalent to 2 kg of body fat. Even light jogging for about an hour a day can burn 400-500 kcal.

◆ Which running intensity is right for me?
If you have lost weight through strength training, protein, and a salad-oriented diet, but still have thick belly and flanks, running can help. Running for more than an hour at a speed slightly faster than walking is better to focus on your upper and lower abs and core. 50-80% of the maximum heart rate corresponds to the aerobic exercise zone. Running around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate allows you to burn fat using oxygen at light to moderate intensity.

If you exercise hard, you get short of breath. As the intensity of exercise increases, the amount of oxygen consumed by the body increases. The maximum heart rate is the heart rate that does not rise any more even when the intensity of exercise increases. According to 《All About Running》, when you first start running, it is easy to become obsessed with running speed or distance. It’s more important to know your maximum heart rate and decide what percentage range to exercise in.

A simple way to find out your maximum heart rate is to subtract your age from 220. For example, if you are 40, your maximum heart rate is 180. If you run at a pulse rate of 108 to 126, it uses oxygen to burn fat stored in the body and use it as an energy source. Wearing a wearable device while exercising makes it more comfortable to measure.

If you run very fast, you will reach 80-90% of your maximum heart rate. Energy is produced, but lactic acid accumulates and body fluids are acidified. Even after exercise, a significant amount of energy is used to recover the calories burned and to remove waste products from anaerobic exercise. These high-intensity running burns a lot of calories during exercise, but continues to burn calories after the workout is over.

When running at 65% of your maximum heart rate, you use aerobic metabolism, but when you suddenly increase your speed or climb a hill, your maximum heart rate rises. Running is a typical aerobic exercise, but it can be anaerobic if the intensity of the exercise is stronger than 80% of the maximum heart rate. In other words, running at a slightly faster speed than walking has the effect of burning fat, and running fast and out of breath maximizes energy consumption.

◆ Do you have to run for more than 30 minutes to burn fat?
After 10 minutes of exercise, fat burning rises and peaks at 20 minutes. Carbohydrate metabolism is used a lot in the beginning, but gradually decreases over time. The fat burning rate of fast walking or slow running is 50-80% of the total energy source. However, it consumes less total calories and burns less fat. On the other hand, high-intensity exercise burns about 10-20% of fat, but the total calorie consumption is large, so the amount of fat burning also increases. If you have strong physical strength and no health problems, you do not need to run slowly for a long time to burn fat. Rather, in this case, it is better to run with full force until you run out of breath.

However, it is not good to suddenly increase the running distance. Jeff Gelloway advises to increase the distance you have run the longest in the past three weeks by 1.5 km per week. It is recommended to increase the distance you can run at a time by 10% every week. If you can run the distance you want at once without a break, try running at least 80% of your maximum heart rate at least once a week. However, increasing the running speed and distance at once can strain the body and cause injury.

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