Is it worth waiting for the fourth wave of COVID-19 and will vaccination help? Doctors are waiting for further mutation of the coronavirus. They asked the infectious disease doctor. September 2021 |

– It all depends on whether the virus will continue to change. If it acquires new properties, we will study them. And even if it does not change, scientists will still have to work and work. The same Shigella or Salmonella, bacteria that cause intestinal infections, as we already know about them, but still more and more new data appears. Coronaviruses were there before, they made up a significant share in our usual seasonal increases in ARVI, but they did not cause such severe consequences. It’s a different virus now. Although it is called a coronavirus, its behavior is already a completely different pathogen. The virus is changing, its properties are changing, its effect on our body is changing … It’s hard to say what will happen to the coronavirus. Maybe it will start cooperating with other infections, maybe new strains will appear. I do not even undertake to predict – all this can be unpredictable. The most favorable option is something like seasonal flu.

Lockdown is unlikely to be expected, but tightening of measures to comply with the anti-epidemic regime is still worth predicting. In some cases, this is justified. Personally, I am for vaccination and tough measures.

At the same time, we cannot yet say for sure how long the immunity will last. Different vaccines assume different duration of post-vaccination immunity. Experience is accumulating, on the basis of which recommendations can be adjusted. Initially, it was assumed that, for example, after using Sputnik, immunity would last up to two years. It is now known that guaranteed immunity lasts up to nine months. Will it last for two years, as originally predicted – maybe. Let’s watch. If necessary, we will change the recommendations. As, for example, the recommendations for treatment are changing, now it is the 12th edition. The same is with vaccination, new data appears, we adapt to them.

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