Is Melania going to divorce Donald Trump?

Rumors of an impending separation from the presidential couple have swelled since Joe Biden’s election victory. The Washington Post sees it above all as a fantasy on the part of the anti-Trump.

Will Melania Trump file for divorce as soon as her husband leaves the White House? This question torments many Americans and is even the subject of betting across the Atlantic, underline the Washington Post.

Many Americans who “Despise Donald Trump imagine that his wife, Melania, despises him too”, explains the daily life of the capital. As proof, they brandish “The videos where we can see the First Lady refusing to take the hand of her husband”. They point out that Melania Trump definitely spends a lot of time away from Washington and “That she is not very affectionate with her husband, in any case much less than Laura Bush, Michelle Obama or Jill Biden”.

The worst humiliation

A funny theory even appeared in October, explains the newspaper, which would like that “The White House used a Melania understudy to appear alongside Donald Trump during his official travels”. As academic Myra Gutin points out: “Never had such a fantastic theory taken shape in connection with another First Lady”.

After a particularly brutal and divisive election, many anti-Trump who are more than tired of hearing “The president treating his opponents as losers” would not be against “To see Donald Trump being humiliated by his wife who is also his youngest of 24 years”.

They wouldn’t like anything as long as she left him when he was already down. ”

A surprising complementarity

Despite everything, relatives of the presidential couple interviewed by the newspaper stress that Melania gives no sign of wanting to leave Donald in the near future. Although the First Lady has repeatedly said over the past four years that she does not always agree with the President, at the end of the election campaign, she has mostly emerged as one of her most ardent supporters. .

The Trump spouses are surprisingly on the same wavelength despite their differences in character, underlines Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former close to the couple who wrote a very critical book on the First Lady. “It’s part of the show: she’s always been the low key, when he’s the one who speaks loudly. She embodies softness, he harshness. Their relationship is based on this strange complementarity. ”

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