“Is that Ryan Giggs?”…Release of police report on ex-girlfriend assault case

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The victim’s pain is constantly screaming… Giggs threatened further assault

Giggs at trial


(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Hong-seok Ahn = A police report that vividly depicts an ex-girlfriend who claimed to have been assaulted by Manchester United’s ‘legend’ Ryan Giggs (49) in pain immediately after the incident was released in court done.

According to the BBC report on the 12th (local time), Giggs’ ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, 36, reported her sister Emma Greville to ‘999’ immediately after being assaulted by Giggs at a trial held at the Manchester Criminal Court. released the recording file.

According to Kate Greville, the assault took place in November 2020, before the two broke up.

When Kate asked about Giggs’ promiscuous personal life on the phone, Giggs came to the house of the two Greville sisters, drunk, and assaulted Kate mercilessly.

Surprised, Emma calls 999 at 10:05 pm and says, “My sister was attacked. I got a headbutt.”

Giggs at trial


When the receptionist asked if it was necessary to send an ambulance, Emma said, “I think it is necessary. I got a headbutt on my lips and there was blood everywhere.”

Throughout the report, Kate screams. When the receptionist asked, ‘Why does the victim keep crying?’ Emma explained, “It’s because it hurts so much.”

There are also funny scenes. Emma said the perpetrator was soccer player Ryan Giggs. Then the receptionist reconfirms, as if surprised, “Okay. Are you talking about that ‘Ryan Giggs’?”

Giggs’ additional assault continues.

When Emma begs, “Gigs said he’d hit me in the head too. I’m coming back here. Can you come quickly?” Giggs comes up to Emma and says, “You’re all losers.”

Giggs arrives in court


Although it is not clear from the first recorded report released that day, the Greville sisters claim that Giggs also committed an assault by striking Emma in the jaw.

Giggs was arrested on the same day.

Law enforcement officials first charged Giggs with assault on the Greville sisters, and during the investigation, they discovered additional charges of abusive behavior, including dating violence.

Local media such as AFP predict that Giggs could be sentenced to up to five years in prison if all charges are found.

Giggs claims that he is not guilty, saying, “There was a moral problem, but he did not do anything illegal.”

Giggs, a native of Wales, is a ‘legend’ of the club, who lifted numerous trophies, including 13 regular seasons at Manchester United and 2 times in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) during his active career.

Giggs, who worked for Manchester United as a coach after retiring in 2014, took over as head coach of the Wales national team in 2018, but stepped down after being arrested on the charge in 2020.


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