Is the Apple Car coming? Apple CEO Tim Cook with a big announcement for Wednesday

Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to have spoken of a big announcement for tomorrow Wednesday in an interview today. What exactly does CEO Tim Cook mean by this? Could it be about the Apple Car? So far, you don’t really know.

In an interview with CBS This Morning the Apple boss said about the incidents in the USA. Specifically, it is about the incidents around the Capitol, which we do not want to illuminate further here. This is exactly the topic that Tim Cook speaks about – but not only this. So one should have planned a big announcement at Apple tomorrow, which is why the CEO is currently very busy, the spokeswoman quoted him at 1:24.

Are there any initial insights into the Apple Car electric car?

It’s hard to say. New iPhones or other well-known new product categories such as Mac, Watch or TV will certainly not be, if they should align, according to the spokeswoman in the said video. You may be showing a product that nobody expects and that has been planned for a long time. For example, Apple’s own electric car has been buzzing around in the rumor mill for a long time. Will it really be an announcement about a car? You really don’t know. A few days ago, however, Hyundai sympathized with Apple, wanting to build an Apple Car, like Bloomberg reported.

So let’s stay excited and wait tomorrow. Of course, we will report immediately to TechnikNews if we know anything about Apple’s announcement.

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