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PLAYSTATION 5 – As expected, demand is extremely high in France for the Playstation 5. The new console released in France Thursday, November 19, is out of stock at all resellers. Restocking should be done before Christmas.

For the end of the year, Sony is betting on two models for its Playstation 5: a standard edition at 499.99 € and a digital edition without a disc player at 399.99 €. From the launch of pre-orders, both models faced stock shortages, so much so that the strong demand could not be fully satisfied in France where online resellers once again opened their order books on November 19 in the morning with limited stocks. After reopening their PS5 sales, Fnac, Amazon, Cdiscount and Cultura are once again showing shortages on the Sony console. For fans who have decided to take the plunge from the day of the release, you can always take a tour of the availability of the two models of Playstation 5 by going to the following links.

At the present time, it is therefore impossible to get a Playstation 5 since all resellers are out of stock. You can get ahead of the game, though, and grab some PS5 accessories or games until you can get your hands on your PS5. For example, we recommend a second DualSense controller for your future multi-party games, but also Spider-Man Miles Morales or Demon’s Souls.

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23:14 – Is it possible to use both PS5 consoles in horizontal or vertical position?

END OF LIVE – The answer is “yes”. In its FAQ on the PS5, Playstation specifies that “the two models of PS5 include a base which makes it possible to place the console in vertical or horizontal position”.

22:29 – What is the difference between the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition?

In an online FAQ, Playstation France gives some details on the new console whose sale was launched this Thursday, November 19. The particularities of the PS5 compared to those of the PS5 Digital Edition are specified in particular. “The only difference between the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition is the presence of an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc player on the PS5 console. The PS5 Digital Edition console does not have a disc player”, specifies the site of the ‘apparatus. This player “allows you to play PS5 games on Blu-ray Disc, but also to watch videos on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, standard Blu-ray discs and DVDs”.

9:44 PM – No deliveries before December 15th?

Some sites such as Fnac and Cultura have indicated that the Playstation 5 consoles ordered this Thursday, November 19, would not be delivered before December 15. A date that would at least allow this gift to slip under the Christmas tree in time, for those who plan to offer it.

8:59 pm – “Important supplies before and after Christmas”

If Playstation fans are showing their dissatisfaction on social media with the shortage of stocks, on this PS5 launch day there should be enough restocking for Christmas. Last week, Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, told BBC Radio 1: “We make more PS5s than PS4s at the time of its launch, in this difficult environment. If people fail to succeed not to find at launch, we are sorry. They can be reassured as we are working very hard to get important supplies to market before and after Christmas. “

20:24 – Why is the Playstation 5 out of stock?

The Playstation 5 was awaited by many fans around the world. The stock limit is also linked to the coronavirus health crisis which has a considerable impact on production chains. It is for this reason that the restocking is carried out drop-wise, as specified

19:39 – Applications available on PS5

Several applications are available on the PS5 console, as specified by PlayStation France: Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Crunchyroll, Disney +, myCANAL, Netflix, OCS, Plex, Rad TV, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube or even WWE Network.

19:17 – PlayStation launches contest to win a PS5

On its Twitter account, PlayStation France offers to win a PS5 as well as a Sony 4K television and a sound bar. To try to win this prize, just retweet the message with the hashtag # PS5, on the social network.

18:55 – Should we trust resellers who offer a PS5 at 1000 €?

As often when a game console is particularly sought after, unscrupulous resellers offer consoles on online sales platforms at a price much higher than the maximum recommended price, sometimes two, three or even four times more expensive. Obviously, this is already the case for the Playstation 5, out of stock at the moment. We can only advise you to wait until the console is available again through the official channels, the machine is expensive enough as it is. Patience is therefore the mother of safety!

18:27 – What accessories for the PS5? We take stock

In addition to what’s in the box of the Playstation 5, Sony also offers additional accessories that will enrich your experience on PS5. Today we offer you a selection of these to determine which ones will suit you best.

17:48 – What games to buy for your Playstation 5?

While merchant sites need to put their new Playstation 5 stocks online, you certainly have a bit of time to educate yourself about the games you can enjoy once the new console is in your hands. For this, we offer you an overview of the games available at the launch of the machine but also those that will arrive in the future on PS5. Click below to learn more.



Learn more about the Playstation 5

In mid-September 2020, Sony finally announced the release date of its Playstation 5 during a video conference dedicated to its new console. The manufacturer explained that the two versions of the machine would go on sale in two stages. First on November 12 in North America and Japan among others. Then on November 19 in the rest of the world. In France, it is therefore on November 19 that the PS5 was released in its two models: the Digital Edition and the Standard Edition.

The Playstation 5 comes in two models: a classic model with a 4K UHD bluray disc player and a model named Digital Edition without a disc player. Logically, the PS5 Digital Edition is in fact offered at a lower price than the “classic” PS5. Indeed, the Playstation 5 Digital Edition is sold at a price of 399.99 € while the Playstation 5 is offered at a price of 499.99 €, the same price as its competitor, the Xbox Series X.

A console is nothing without its games and, for once, the Playstation 5 is launching on the market with a catalog that is enviable despite a very low number of exclusives. However, the promise of a high-end gaming experience, whether in terms of graphics or fluidity all with immensely reduced loading times, is kept. To help you see more clearly, we have concocted a selection of games to watch for the launch of the PS5 but also in the coming months. Enough to allow you to choose the video game experiences that will please you the most on the Sony console.

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