Is the “Lord of the Rings” star going through a major midlife crisis?>entertainment>

July 29, 2021 – 9:30 p.m. clock

Orlando Bloom is not getting on with aging?

As a member of the Elven race, his most famous role Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings” does not age. Apparently, the acting star wants Orlando Bloom (44) that he would feel the same way in real life. Because new postings from him raise the question of whether the good guy is currently going through a tangible midlife crisis.

Archery to prove that “Legolas” can still do it

Archery like Legolas in the garden, lifting weights like Arnold Schwarzenegger (73) at best times, riding a motorcycle with a children’s picture comparison photo: Orlando Bloom is flooding social media with images that seem to scream “crisis”. To whom does he want to prove that he “still has it”, as he writes about the archery video – his fans or just himself?

To the motorcycle picture that shows him next to his mini self from the old days on a tricycle, he writes: “Drive or die, bad boy for life.” Does someone want to use the mallet method to make it clear to us that they are physically 44, but mentally at most in their mid-20s? Is it because Katy Perry’s (36) heartfelt man has had a little daughter since August 2020 and suddenly feels old?

Sometimes less is more

Okay Orlando, we get it, you’re still crazy about it. And that your triceps are still rocking in the gym, even if you look maybe a year or two older since “Lord of the Rings”. We really don’t need any more evidence. Otherwise, one or the other rascal could still believe that you are just knee-deep wading through the midlife crisis. Slowing down is sometimes not wrong either – especially on a motorcycle. Daisy is sure to be happy too. (US)


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