Is there a map expansion coming from Rockstar? (Rumor)

With GTA Online hat Rockstar Games earned a lot of money and done a lot for it: the game was expanded again and again and countless missions and side missions were added. However, the game world never expanded, that is about to change. Like a friend Grand Theft Auto Online-Leaker claims the upcoming winter update is the Map from GTA Online actually enlarge.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been on since its initial release PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013 (!) a mega-success for Rockstar Games. Since then there have been many free updates for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions that have made the game even better. This also led to a massive number of new players and so could GTA 5 also hold in the sales charts for a very long time, even if it is actually already 7 years old.

GTA Online: Will the map expansion come this winter or not until 2021?

The latest rumor too GTA Online should please the fans as this year’s winter update has been confirmed as the “greatest of all time” and is supposed to add a new heist (raid) taking place “in a completely new place”. Rockstar insider Liberty93 says (via Right) that this new place is already in Music video “The Valley of the Pagans” by the Gorillaz it will be seen that is currently still held privately on YouTube. Even more gasoline for the rumor.

However, the leaker contradicts himself again by mentioning that the new district would not be ready in time for the winter update.

What we know: GTA Online will be in 2021 as free titles for the PS5 appear and bring loads of exclusive content that new and old players can look forward to Perhaps only then will the planned one come Map extension. After all, the game survives that third generation of consolesthat can be done with Rockstar Games celebrate with a little more land.

GTA Online is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 (with errors), and Xbox 360. PS5 and Xbox Series X will play their previous versions with backward compatibility, but their own versions (with optical improvements) will not appear until 2021.

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