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Is there really Virgin River, the town where ‘A place to dream’ takes place? – Series news

Yes. But the filming of the series does not take place on site. The third season that premieres on July 9 on Netflix promises to show us new locations.


If you are hooked on A place to dream, we are sure that you are counting the days remaining until the premiere of season 3 on July 9, the date on which we will finally discover how Jack (Martin Henderson) managed to survive the shot with which someone tried to end his life at the end of the second installment at the end of last year. Fortunately we have not had to wait long to find out, since the trailer for the new episodes already showed the Virgin River ‘bantender’ quite recovered, but it seems that we will have to worry about his future with Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and the new stick. in the wheel of their relationship, as well as the fact that it is still unknown who is responsible for the attempt on his life.

In any case, the third season of A place to dream promises to continue delving into the complex stories of the locals of this idyllic place that, already in its first installment, captivated us with an impossible love story, everyday life and the interesting dynamics of the neighbors and their wonderful landscapes.

The lush forests, the rich river that runs between the foothills of the high mountains and those already iconic wooden houses are an indisputable hallmark of the series, but Is there really Virgin River, the paradise town where the plots of A place to dream?

In the Robyn Carr novels on which the Netflix series is based, Virgin River is presented as a small town in Northern California, a place surrounded by redwoods, waterfalls and where there is very good fishing. However, the place is not only fictional, it is not even the area of ​​northern California where the series has been filmed. The landscapes that we love so much belong to a very different place.

There is a Virgin River in the United States, however. It is a tributary of the Colorado River that flows through Utah, Arizona and Nevada before joining the Colorado River in Las Vegas. An absolutely different area.

The true landscapes that we see in Virgin River correspond to Vancouver (Canada) and its surroundings, the area known as British Columbia. According to some expert websites on locations, such as CNTravellers or Atlas of Wonders, some of the exteriors of A place to dream They are shot on Bowen Island, a small island in the famous Canadian city that can only be accessed by boat or seaplane. It is specifically to the small community of Snug Cove that we owe the exteriors of the fishing port, as well as most of the houses and streets in the town of Virgin River.

Also in British Columbia in Canada, specifically in the city of New Westminster, is the house that we see in the series as the clinic, while Mel’s cozy cabin, located in Murdo Frazer Park in Vancouver, is already a common on screen and has appeared in various famous titles such as Once Upon A Time, The Flash O The Magicians. Other cities in the area, such as Burnaby, Agassiz, Brackendale or Richmond, as well as various surrounding natural parks have also hosted various iconic locations, such as Jack’s bar, the marvelous Virgin River waterfalls or the picnic area.

We will fall in love with the Virgin River landscapes again in season 3 of A place to dream which premieres July 9 on Netflix.

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