Isabelle Racicot tackles racism

Isabelle Racicot was so shocked by the murder of George Floyd in May that she decided to address the issue of racism in a documentary. “If I’m doing this, it’s because I wish my sons wouldn’t have to walk the streets in 20 years to say that their lives matter. “

The hour-long film, which has no title yet, will air on Radio-Canada in November. Produced by Trinome & filles (Facing the street, But why ?) and directed by Christian Lalumière (Karaoke, The music Box), he will explore the origins of racism in the country and suggest possible solutions to ensure that we are on the right side of history.

In interview at Journal, Isabelle Racicot confides that she had been simmering such a project for a long time. But it was when she saw the scale of the protests in response to the murder of Floyd, the African American killed during his arrest in Minneapolis, that she felt it was time to act.

“During this period, my husband and I had several conversations with our boys. And this time, at 14 and 17, they had questions to which we did not have all the answers. It is for this reason that I decided to go ahead: to seek these answers. For them and for me. “

A turning point

Radio-Canada quickly gave the green light to the project. Filming began in July. They will stretch until September. A diverse team of people, both in front of and behind the camera, participate in the adventure, underlines Isabelle Racicot.

The fight against racism has hit the headlines several times over the past decades, but 2020 will be a turning point, believes the host.

“This time there is something different. There is extraordinary solidarity. The Black Lives Matter movement has never been stronger. Everyone walks together. “

“I really think we’re at the start of something… or the end of something. This is what I feel around me. “

“I would have regretted it”

The issue of racism is at the heart of two other projects led by the host this summer: a round table that will appear in the September edition of the magazine. Elle Quebec, and six special episodes of Seat at the Table, the podcast she pilots with Martine St-Victor, on CBC. The tandem will meet with Sandy Hudson, the founder of Black Lives Matter in Canada.

“I wanted to discuss, listen, give my opinion,” explains Isabelle Racicot. I am lucky to be part of show-business Quebecois for 20 years. I couldn’t have sat at home doing nothing. I would have regretted it. “

ICI TÉLÉ will air Isabelle Racicot’s documentary on November 23 at 9 p.m.

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