ISL‌ | Mumbai started by beating Goa by three wickets

Goa, First Published Nov 22, 2021, 10:07 PM IST

Madgaon: Defending champions Mumbai City FC beat FC Goa by three goals in the ISL to clinch the title. Igor Angulo’s double in the first half and Yagor Katatou’s’ in the second half sealed the victory for Mumbai.

Mumbai, who had been attacking football since the start of the match, dominated throughout the match. Mumbai got their first chance in the 10th minute. But Anglo’s weak shot did not have the strength to shake Goa goalkeeper Dheeraj.

Mumbai argued for a penalty in the 14th minute for dropping Vignesh in the penalty box but the referee denied it. Goa got their first chance in the 30th minute. But Cabrera failed to grab Glenn Martins’ pass. Mumbai were awarded a penalty in the 33rd minute for knocking down Casio in the Ivan box. Anglo, who took the kick, did not miss. Mumbai took the lead.

Within two minutes, Mumbai took the lead through Anglo. Angolo Goa breaks through the defensive line from Jao’s pass and overtakes Dheeraj. The match got excited as Goa intensified their attempts to score in the second half. In the 51st minute, Goa captain Edu Badia’s shot went wide of the post.

Goa’s hopes of a draw were dashed in the 76th minute when substitute Yagor Katarou scored his first touch of the game to give Mumbai the lead. Goa’s attempts to score at least one goal were thwarted by the Mumbai defense.

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