“Isn’t it a movie?”… 100m sandstorm hits China

picture explanation[영상출처 = 유튜브]

A video of a huge sandstorm engulfing a city in China is drawing attention.

Recently, the Hong Kong media South China Morning Post released a video titled ‘A wall of sand swallowed up the old city of Dunhuang in northwestern China’.

This is an edited video of CCTV footage showing a sandstorm hitting Dunhuang City, Gansu Province, China. In the video, the sandstorm passes over apartments and roads, gradually approaching the camera, completely obscuring the view.

On the 25th, a huge sandstorm with a height of at least 100 meters struck Dunhuang City. The media reported that Dunhuang is well known for its harsh climate as it is located in the Gobi Desert. However, sandstorms occur mainly between March and May, and it is unusual for such a huge sandstorm to occur in midsummer.

As the visibility was less than 5m due to this sandstorm, the police also took control of the highway. The local meteorological agency issued a yellow warning when a sandstorm struck, the second in a four-step warning system.

The South China Morning Post reported that just a week before the storm, a sandstorm struck northwestern China, causing traffic to be shut down.

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