Israel deliberately did not harm Iranian diesel trucks in Lebanon

Dubai – Mahmoud Abdel Razek – The 12th Hebrew channel reported, in a lengthy report, this Friday morning, that Israel did not want to harm the convoys of Iranian oil trucks coming from Syria to Lebanon, with the aim of not harming them, and not being drawn into another state of tension with Hezbollah, Lebanon and Iran.

The Hebrew channel claimed that Israel saw no harm to Iranian diesel trucks in Lebanon, so as not to be seen as an Israeli attempt to sabotage humanitarian efforts aimed at reconstruction in Lebanon before the international community.

In the same context, a convoy of tankers loaded with Iranian diesel arrived in Lebanon yesterday, Thursday, through the land borders from Syria, after the Iranian ship unloaded its cargo in the Syrian port of Banias.

And the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, had confirmed last Monday evening, that “the first ship arrived at the port of Banias last Sunday night at 2:30, and began unloading the cargo, and the transfer of this material to the Bekaa will begin on Thursday, and the transport will be to the area of Baalbek to specific tanks, from which it will be distributed to the rest of the regions,” noting that the second ship will carry diesel and within days it will reach Baniyas port, and the third ship will start loading petrol and we have agreed on a fourth ship carrying diesel.

Lebanon is witnessing a fuel crisis that has paralyzed its various vital and essential sectors, while the dispute continues between the Governor of the Banque du Liban, who announced the lifting of fuel subsidies, and the two presidencies of the Republic and the government, which reject this decision, without reaching a solution that would alleviate the crisis.

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