Israel hosts “most important” military air exercise, with Emirates as guest

Israel hosts its “most important” air military exercise with a distinguished guest: the chief of the air force of the United Arab Emirates, a country with which it has normalized relations.

Since 2013, Israel has held the “Blue Flag” exercise every two years in the southern Negev desert, with the participation of the air forces of seven other countries, including France, the United States, India, Germany and the British RAF, which carries out its first flights in Israeli territory since the creation of this state in 1948.

With more than 70 fighter jets and 1,500 personnel, this year is the “most important” military air exercise of those held in Israel, reported the chief of operations of the Israeli air force, Amir Lazar, at the military base of Ovda, near from Eilat in southern Israel.

On Monday, the head of the United Arab Emirates air force, General Ibrahim Naser Mohamed Al Alawi, arrived in the country, where he spoke with the number one of the Israeli military aviation, General Amikam Norkin, calling it a “historical day of great importance. “for the two armies.

The Emirati general will go to the Ovda base on Tuesday to attend military exercises.

“The Abraham agreements (the name given to the normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab countries) opened up new possibilities for collaboration,” Lazar added.

According to the Israeli army’s strategic plan for 2022, Iran is the main threat, not only because of its nuclear program, but also because of the development of its capabilities in armed drones and missiles.

The Israeli army claims that the military exercise “is not focused” on Iran, but considers it a “show of force” against Tehran, which, according to it, exported drones to Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, on behalf of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement.


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