Israel vaccine study: Pfizer vaccine also significantly inhibits spread of coronavirus | Abroad

Data analysis in a study by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Pfizer Inc. found that the Pfizer vaccine reduces infection. The number of infections passed on by vaccinees is said to be about 90 percent lower than in unvaccinated people, according to the study. This percentage is 89.4 percent in asymptomatic cases and 93.7 percent in symptomatic infections.

Those findings are in the study that has not yet been peer-reviewed. The figures have not yet been published.

Examine hospital staff

Another study by researchers at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, published Friday in the medical journal The Lancet, showed that 7,214 hospital workers who received their first dose of vaccine in January saw a decrease in the number of patients after 15 to 28 days transmission of infections of between 75 and 85 percent.

More research is needed to draw definitive conclusions, but the studies suggest for the first time that a vaccine can also stop the spread of the new coronavirus and not just prevent people from getting sick.

‘Big drop in virus transmission’

Michal Linial, a professor of molecular biology and bioinformatics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said the findings were a big step toward answering one of the most important questions in the fight against the pandemic. “Whether it’s 75 percent or 90 percent less, it’s a big drop in the transmission of the virus. It means that not only the vaccinated person is protected, but that the vaccination also offers protection to his or her environment, ”said Linial.

According to Reuters, Pfizer did not want to comment on the research results for the time being. The Israeli Ministry of Health has also not yet responded to a request for comment.

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