Israeli ambassador found dead in residence

He only took office in February. The Chinese ambassador to Israel was found dead Sunday morning at his residence in Herzliya, a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israeli sources said. The police immediately opened an investigation.

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The possible causes of the diplomat’s death, whose wife and son were not in Israel with him, have not yet been established. No track is privileged for the moment. Du Wei had been ambassador to Ukraine before taking office in Israel, according to his biography on the embassy website.

Sino-US relations as a backdrop

His death comes days after US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo’s visit to Jerusalem, which recently urged Israel, an ally of the United States, to limit Chinese investment in strategic sectors on its soil, news reports said. The United States has implicitly accused China of hiding information about the Covid-19 pandemic, or even of seeking to hack into vaccine research.

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In a column published in the daily newspaper Jerusalem Post, Chinese Embassy spokesman Tel Aviv Wang Yongjun wrote that Mike Pompeo had offered no evidence regarding the “security risks” associated with Chinese investment in Israel. China-Israel cooperation is “win-win,” said the Chinese spokesman.

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