Israeli and Emirati companies provide a digital healthcare platform

Dubai-based SJM Group has announced its partnership with Israel-based INMED to create a unique healthcare platform for long-distance patient management in the UAE.

The new partnership will provide patients in insurance hospitals, insurance companies, medical reception companies, and elderly communities the opportunity to provide personalized, digital, remote patient management from start to finish, while physicians maintain continuous 24/7 medical monitoring, SJM Group A announced in the statement. “It allows the provider to provide the best medical services without the most efficient regulatory and medical benefits and geographic limitations.”

SJM hopes to develop its digital healthcare infrastructure to meet the needs of its customers with a combination of already installed software, hardware and human solutions. The innovative INJED platform manages and enhances the entire medical enterprise base, from the 24/7 medical center to smart management of patient referrals to individual physicians and specialists based on the urgency of the patient’s medical condition.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of SHM Group, His Highness H. Sheikh Zuma bin Maktoum Al Maktoum said. We are pleased to partner with INMED to continue introducing new technologies to the healthcare sector to ensure the well-being of the people of the UAE. “

INMED Founder and CEO Dr. David Moral praised SJM President for his “innovative vision” for the Dubai health market.

Moral said: “Our partnership with SJM GROUP is strategically important to INMED. We are pleased to be able to expand our services to the Gulf region with our innovative location already serving hospitals, clinics and patients all over the world.”

“The unique capabilities of our site are based on innovative algorithms and bots that we have developed,” Moral added. “Every component in the system, and all of our telemedicine devices, are the most advanced in the world, fully integrated with our site, and all are FDA approved.

“Our digital platform is designed with consistent update capabilities and a series of device combinations that add value to patients and customers.”

INMED Partner and Vice President Mashi Kather thanked the SJM Group for its vote of confidence in INMED.

“More than 3 million residents of the UAE enjoy a high socioeconomic status and seek access to high-quality, on-demand digital health services,” Cather said. “We are proud to have been chosen by the SJM Group to deliver our technologies and services to the people of the UAE and to millions of other customers in multi-billion dollar regional markets.

“We are already in the advanced stages of signing agreements with one of the largest hospitals in the UAE and a leading medical insurance company.” Kedar adds. INMED in the midst of business development momentum.

“The agreement with SJM Group in Dubai joins our extensive operations with a local company in Russia, connected to the system to provide additional digital medical services using INMED technology operating 4,000 medical centers in Russia, and our global sales by 2022 we expect to increase revenue by about 30 million.”

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