Israeli-Gaza Conflict: Evacuation Orders, Displaced People, and International Calls for Peace

2023-10-14 23:55:41

Cover image: A convoy of Israeli armored vehicles in southern Israel on the border with the Gaza Strip, October 14, 2023. MAYA ALLERUZZO / AP

According to the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), tens of thousands of people fled their homes in Gaza and moved south after Israel ordered the 1.1 million residents of the enclave’s north to evacuate on Friday morning. Before this announcement, the United Nations (UN) already estimated the number of displaced people in Gaza at more than 423,000 due to the military response of the Israeli army after the Hamas attack on its soil.The leading UN expert on the issue of displaced populations declared herself on Friday ” horrified ” by the evacuation order given by the Israeli army to the population of the northern Gaza Strip, which according to her constitutes a crime against humanity. She called on Israel to reverse its decision, like United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and many humanitarian organizations.The Israeli army announced, during the night from Friday to Saturday, that it had “hit Hezbollah terrorist target in southern Lebanon” in response to “infiltration of unidentified aerial objects into Israel and shooting of a drone” Israeli. The IDF announced shortly after midnight that it had “intercepted two unidentified targets over the city of Haifa”in northern Israel, about fifty kilometers from the border with Lebanon, as well as another projectile near the town of Shefa Amr, also in the north of the country.At least 1,300 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in Israel since the attack on the Gaza Strip a week ago. The Israeli army confirmed on Saturday morning the presence of at least 120 people held hostage in Gaza by Hamas. The number of deaths in the enclave controlled by Hamas rose to 2,215, including 724 children, local authorities said on Friday evening.The Israeli minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, affirmed on Friday evening that ” This is just the beginning “ of the Israeli offensive. He has again vowed to destroy Hamas, as the Israeli army prepares for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.In the West Bank, sixteen Palestinians were killed on Friday during clashes with Israeli forces during solidarity rallies with the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. A total of 51 West Bank Palestinians have been killed since Hamas carried out its attack on Israel last Saturday.Russia, which accuses the United States of being responsible for the situation in Gaza, called on Friday the United Nations (UN) Security Council to act, putting on the table a draft resolution calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire”. “We are convinced that the Security Council must act to put an end to this bloodbath and restart peace negotiations with the aim of establishing a Palestinian state, as has long been planned”declared the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia.In a live interview on CNN on Friday, IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner “categorically” denied that Israeli forces used white phosphorous bombs this week in Gaza and Lebanon. The human rights NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a report on Thursday in which it said it had verified videos showing the Israeli army’s use of white phosphorus bombs, even though this is strictly prohibited. against civilian populations.The toll of French nationals killed in Hamas attacks against Israel has risen further, reaching seventeen dead and fifteen missing.the entourage of the French Foreign Minister, who arrived in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, reported to Agence France-Presse on Saturday.A second plane repatriating French people from Israel, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, landed Friday evening at Paris’s Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. More than 300 passengers were on board, an airport source told Agence France-Presse.

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